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third eye chakra roller ball essential oils and black obsidian crystals. essential oil roll on. chakra roll on

CHAKRA roller ball ~ TO SEE ~ Third Eye

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Sanskrit word Ajna, meaning Intuative Wisdom TO SEE - VAM 6th Chakra

Powerful Black Obsidian Crystal.  THIRD EYE CHAKRA roller ball,  balances the Sixth Chakra that helps to restore the calm and clarity you need to tune into your intuition for elevating wisdom and spirituality. Ideal for meditation, for aiding relaxation and for elevating a space with a sense of balance.
The 6th primary chakra in our body. This Ajna chakra relates to how we connect the external world with our internal dialogue. It corresponds with your intuition and spiritual awareness. Some may think of it as the “sixth sense”, the ability to tune into primal instincts and the subtle signals of nature, just like animals can sense a storm or earthquake coming.
Roll on, wrist, temple, behind knee, bottom of feet, as many times in the day desired. 

ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, sweet orange, clary sage, pine, sweet marjoram, cedarwood, frankincense, juniper berry, sage