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About Us

Pacific Coast Soap Works is a company with ethics. It is our goal to provide a high quality product at a reasonable price. Compare our prices to that of our competition and you'll see that our prices are much more reasonable and our products are of superior quality. Because our soaps are pure and long lasting they offer a very good value. This is why we have so many dedicated customers that have been using our products since we began making them, in 1994.

Pacific Coast Soap Works was founded due to a fragrance allergy. Commercial soaps always contain artificial fragrances. A need for home-made soap became apparent and after much tinkering with the recipe, a soap was finally produced that was "fragrance allergy" friendly. Some time later we made a batch of our soap to give away for Christmas presents. When we started getting positive feedback, and our friends started demanding that they get soap the next year (instead of a T-shirt or something), we knew that there was a need for all natural olive oil soap. Since then we have expanded into a wide selection of all natural products.