• Sweetgrass ~ Braids
  • Sweetgrass ~ Braids
  • Sweetgrass ~ Braids

Sweetgrass ~ Braids


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Our sweetgrass is sustainably grown on a farm in the Northwest.

Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) gets its name from its sweet, aromatic fragrance, and is an important substance in a variety of New Age healing practices and in herbal healing science.

The plant is native to much of northern Eurasia and North America and can grow as for north as the Arctic Circle. It is sometimes distilled for a flavored vodka, and also is used in basket-weaving.

Like many New Age practices, the use of sweetgrass for spiritual purposes is actually very old. Smudging is a two-step process. It removes unwanted energy and brings wanted energy. I use sage to remove and sweetgrass to invite. I leave at least one window partway open during winter, but in summer all windows and doors are open to allow the free flow of energy. So I open a window or door and use the sage to clear room of those energies I do not want there. Then I use the sweetgrass to invite those energies I do want.

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