Soaps - Luffa

The "Base" for the Luffa soaps is Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil

'Loofah, loofa, luffa, or louffa The plant has many spellings and many uses!

Especially good for gardeners or summer sandal feet. Luffa is a vegetable that grows on vines. It is in the gourd family and looks similar to a cucumber or zucchini. The luffa is dried and the skin removed, the strong inner fibers are the loofah sponges that you see in stores.

Using luffa stimulates circulation, exfoliates and leaves your skin soft, vibrant and healthy. The luffas that we use are organically grown in Cairo, Egypt which makes them much softer and nicer on the skin. When we receive them they are re-washed and hand-dyed, then washed again, and dried. They are now ready to be turned into our famous Luffa Slices. We combine the benefits of the luffa sponge with our natural soaps!  

The soap, when first made is liquid, we pour the liquid soap into the luffa sponge. When the soap hardens we slice the luffa sponge (cross section).The result - our famous Luffa Slices.These are beautiful to look at and wonderful to use. They offer a good mild scrub without being abrasive and leave your skin with a healthy, polished glow.

The luffa allows you to get the most out of your bar of natural soap. Even when there is only a tiny piece of soap left, it stays attached to the luffa and can be  used until it is entirely gone. No waste, and when the soap is finally gone, you can keep using the luffa sponge. I personally use my left over’s for scrubbing my tub!