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Luffa/Loofha/Loofa Natural Raw

Luffa/Loofha/Loofa Natural Raw

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Luffa is a vegetable and a member of the squash family, grown in very hot climates with long sun days and season's. It takes about 9 months in the sun to reach maturity and dry out. Our luffas come from an organic farm in Mexico and are verified by OCQ.
Is it a sponge?  Is it a plant? Just exactly what is a luffa and what are the benefits of using one?.

“They’re sponges, right?” That’s the question most people ask us. and the answer is no, they are not sponges like the ones that live in the ocean..

Sometimes spelled loofah, there are commercial luffas available from parts of the World,  but these have the disadvantage of being chemically treated to rid them of any diseases or bugs that could harm plants in this country. Then they are vacuum packed for shipping. Both the treatment and the packaging contribute to compromising the quality of the luffa making them abrasive. Since no treatment is necessary for our luffa from Mexico, the resulting product is non-abrasive but still acts to exfoliate the skin. Athletes will find these natural luffa sponges a great asset in the shower after a workout. “Our luffas won’t give you raw skin,” “just a good, soft, clean feeling.”

This luffa isn’t only good for the skin, it can be used to wash the car, clean the bathtub, or scrub the pots and pans. To clean it, it can be washed with a regular laundry load, but be sure to let it air dry. Drying it in a clothes dryer will shrink it and make it stiff and scratchy.

Our luffa soaps are hand-poured in micro batches and they produce wonderful rich lather and leave the skin feeling squeaky-clean. They contain no animal products, detergent, sulfates, alcohol, surfactants, or sugar solutions. They are crafted from the finest vegetable oils making them hypoallergenic.

approximately 9-12  inches

 approximately 16- 20 inches

Luffa fiber is a green renewable resource with many uses. 


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