• Soy Tea Light Candles

Soy Tea Light Candles


tea light 20 pack:
  • 20 pack
  • 6 pack

Eco Friendly 100% Soybean Wax Tea Light Candles

Hand-poured using 100% all-natural food grade Kosher soybean oil. This plant-based wax is non-toxic, biodegradable, and burns up to 40% longer than paraffin-based wax. The candles are soot free and do not emit harmful toxins (such as Benzene) into the environment. Wicks are bamboo, non-cored, and lead-free.

Natural Soy Tea lights provide a luxurious 5 hour burn to help you relax in any space for an evening - quickly & easily.

Our tea lights are poured into clear recyclable plastic containers that you can pick up, even when the candle is burning, as well as let the candlelight glow through.  Many tea ­­­lights come in metal/aluminum tins which can get really hot to the touch, and don’t allow the candle to fully shine.

Available in a 6 pack or 20 pack! 

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