Pacific Coast Soap Works

  • "Finally a soap that doesn't make me break out or dry my skin." 
  • "I'm so glad I found you! Don't ever stop making soap, or if you do, just keep making enough for me as I need it for the rest of my life!" 
  • " This is simply the best soap I have ever used, even my husband loves it!" 
  • "I have had an itchy scalp for 15 years but since I've switched to your Rosemary Shampoo it's gone. Thank you!" 
  • "I have to tell you, I LOVE your soap. It's the very best I've ever used -- from the finest 'store bought' to the Alaskan soap my husband brought back from a trip. Yours is by far the winner. You've cornered the market in my book! Thanks!" - Pat in Houston, TX 
  • "Greetings from Ottawa. Thanks for the great product! Your soap has now ranged over to an island in the North Channel of Lake Huron!" - Carolyn in Ottawa, ON 
  • "You said I would love it and you were right ... I love it. The Bay Rum shaving soap is great and the luffa scrub feels fantastic. My skin never felt so good. Thank you for a great product." - Charles - Vancouver, BC 
  • Absolutely the very best luffa soaps every made. I cannot wait until my next order because these are the best soaps you will ever use. No one can make soaps like these folk! Debi Marion, Olalla, WA